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St. John  Evangelical church   

 St. John Evangelical Church

Caldana - Cocquio Trevisago (VA)


Refurbishment of the parish complex.


The church complex is made up of two buildings connected by a portico, and has three uses: liturgical hall, oratory and the pastor's house.

In April 2009 a consultancy agreement with the evangelical community of St. John the Baptist was established.

The square liturgical space was too dark, the community needed an outdoor space for convivial gatherings.

The opening that was created for the new glass door provided a new source of natural light and connected the church to the new terrace where wooden outdoor paving was used. To further improve the light in the hall, the perimeter walls were painted white, obtaining the best result you could achieve at minimal expense.

An outdoor lighting project is being developed to improve the usability of the area during evening gatherings in the warmer months.

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