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House L



Historical centre of Cannes - France


Apartment refurbishment.


Refurbishment of a two-floor apartment (second floor and loft conversion) in a medieval building in the historical centre of Cannes built on a typical Gothic lot overlooking both the road and the internal back garden.

The clients wanted to renovate the interiors and at the same time open the house up to the green area in the courtyard.

The façade design resulted from an analysis of the surrounding area and proposing solutions similar to those found nearby. As the project was intended to be low impact, lightweight, non-invasive materials were chosen with finishes in soft colours to stress the contemporary nature of the work but at the same time make reference to local materials and traditions.

The design of the flooring, the cladding decoration and the colour of the paint were integrated in order to respect the historicity of the building and the wish to create welcoming environments equipped with all modern comforts.

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