Kathrin Freienstein 

Konstanz, Germany

with office in VARESE


2016        Authorization of the Order of Architects and Engineers Canton Ticino (Switzerland)                    no. 9055


2010         Member no. 6428 of the Energy Certifiers of the Lombardy Region


2003         Member no. 2071of the Architects Association of Varese (Italy)

1992         Member no. 0171.384 of the Architects Association of Bavaria (Germany)  


1986-89   RWTH Polytechnic (Prof. W. Döring) Aachen / Germany (Degree in  

                  Engineering and Architecture)[BEng Architecture])


1985-86   ETH Federal Polytechnic (Prof. H.Tesar) Zurich / Switzerland


1983-85   Technical University of Munich (Prof. Th. Hugues) Munich / Germany


1983         Diploma in Classical Studies  Würzburg / Germany



Dal 2014  Founding member and sole owner of AK architetti


2005-14   AK architetti associated firm, founding member with Architect Alessandro                                  Paternostro 


Dal 1999  Started working as a freelance professional in Varese


Dal 1992  Started working as a freelance professional in Frankfurt, Hannover, Stuttgart



German: mother tongue   

Italian: mother tongue

English: professional level


2001       “DachLandStadt” [Roof Landscape City] DBZ, Deutsche BauZeitschrift [German                                   architecture journal].


2001        Article and project “Onde del Paesaggio” [Landscape Waves] in the book: “Cinque                               Progetti sul Futuro dell’EXPO” [Five Projects about the Future of the EXPO]                                           published  by  Roberto A. Cherubini Publisher Artefatto Edizioni 200.


2000        Chapter “n” in the book: “Architettura Fondazione Costruzione” [Architecture                                       Foundation Construction] published by Alessandra De Cesaris Artefatto. 


2000        “Cinque progetti per il dopo-Expo” [Five projects for the post-Expo ] area 53,                                       architecture journal and design projects November/December.          


dal '99       Participation in various workshops in collaboration with "La Sapienza" University of                           Rome, Department of the Character of Buildings and of the Environment (DICEA), and                       in Hamburg-Buxtehude.