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(with SpazioMonteGrappa12Collective)

Sant'Ambrogio - Varese (VA)




SpazioMonteGrappa12Collective was established in 2015; it brings together various professional firms and with an integrated approach it deals with architecture, communication and design.

The group handled the spatial-functional reorganization of the villa's interior. The firm AK architetti collaborated actively and purposefully to bring new life to the building and make it attractive to the market.

The interior spaces were redesigned with minimum and specific alterations with a focus on functionality, comfort and connection to its park. The rooms in the living area became a single fluid space, in any case maintaining their uniqueness and intimacy. Each bedroom now has its own bathroom and is directly connected to the main garden, redesigned as a suite with spaces to relax and study.

The basement rooms and the swimming pool were reorganized as a wellness area with fitness equipment and connected with a new staircase to the sleeping areas above . To complete the project, complementary service spaces, such as a utility room, an ironing room and a reading area, were created.

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